Friday, 3 July 2015

MIX Event Special Offers at Heart

We're taking part in Mix event this month.
Mix is a Hud based monthly event - Need more information about Mix ?
Mix Website

These MIX offers are only available at the Heart Garden Center
Click Here for TP to The Heart Garden Center

50% OFF Season Changing Wildwood Giant Pine Forest
Usually 2499L$ Now ONLY 1249L$

50% OFF Heart Palms - Mixed Groves
Usually 1600L$ Now ONLY 800L$

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wildflowers - Sunflowers

Available from FaMESHed for the month of July and then from the Heart garden Center when the event finishes

Wildflowers - Sunflowers
Included in this pack:
8 Single flowering plants
4 Grouped plants
2 Sets of planted rows with earth

Friday, 1 May 2015

Wildflowers - Mixed Tulips and French Gothic Top Picket Fence

Available at FaMESHed for the month of May and then from The Heart Garden Center when the event finishes.

WildFlowers - Tulips
Included in this pack:
5 Sets of Tulips -9 Designs

Set1 - Flower 1
Set2 - Flower 2
Set3 - Flower 3
Set4 - Flower 4
Set5 - Mixed Patches

Each set includes small to large designs e.g.
Heart - Tulips - Flower1 - D1 - the smallest group (2 flowers)
Heart - Tulips - Flower1 - D9 - the largest group (large patch of flowers)
Plus 1 large linked tulip patch
Buy the Tulips at the SL Marketplace

Picket Fence - French Gothic Top
Available at FaMESHed for the month of May and then from The Heart Garden Center when the event finishes

This pack includes :
3 x pillars
Fence with pillar - L and R
Fence only - long
Fence only - short

Monday, 2 March 2015

Heart Terrain Textures - Summer Flowers and Grass

New flower and grass terrain textures now available in Second Life and the Unity Asset Store

The Unity3D pack includes 2048x2048 versions of the textures PLUS buttercup, daisy and grass, low polygon models. Please visit the Unity Asset Store Listing for full details.
Click Here To Purchase From The Unity Asset Store

The Second Life pack includes 1024x1024 and 512x512 versions of the textures (plants available separately). Please visit the SL Marketplace for full details.
Click Here To Purchase From The SL Marketplace

Pack Includes 22 Flower and Grass Terrain Textures with sparse and lots options
Aubretia - 4 Colours
Buttercups and Daisies
Grasses- 4 Options
Mixed Flowers - 4 Colour Combinations

Wildflowers - Buttercups and Daisies

Available at FaMESHed for the month of March and then from The Heart Garden Center when the event finishes.
See the wildflowers inworld - Teleport to FaMESHed 

Click Here To Purchase from The SL Marketplace

Included in this pack:
Aubretia Mounds


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hanging Baskets - Mixed Flowers 1

Included in this pack:
12 Hanging Baskets with mixed flowers - Petunia, Daisies, Aubretia and Gallardia
12 Different colour combinations plus wall bracket

Get them at the SL Marketplace CLICK HERE

Mediterranean Cypress - The Complete Collection

Included in this pack: 
Spear Shaped 
Cigar Shaped 
Oval Shaped 
Flat Top Shaped 
Seed Shaped 
Tear Drop Shaped 
Mixed Wild
Season Changing Hud - Lush Spring Green, Classic Dark Green, Winter Snowy