Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Heart Botanicals Verdant Valley Now Available at The Unity Asset Store

Create strange and beautiful environments with the Verdant Valley Game Dev Kit. Now available at The Unity Asset Store. Please see images below for polycount ranges

This pack includes 134 low poly assets
- 26 Rocks and Stones
- 9 Flowers in 3 colours
- 3 Clover - small, medium, large
- 3 Short grass with alpha textures
- 3 Long grass with alpha textures
- 3 Puff reeds in 3 colours
- 3 Spear ferns
- 6 mushrooms in 4 colours
- 6 Bobo trees - 3D Mesh
- 6 Fay trees in 4 colours with alpha textures
- 42 Roller coaster road parts
- 9 Towers
- 9 3D mesh clouds
- 6 alpha star plates
- 6 Terrain textures
- 1 Tranquil water
All components are UV mapped and can be re-painted

WildWood Alder Trees - Season Changing

This pack includes 8 different designs - 4 Saplings and 4 Mature
Land Impact ranges from 2LI to 9 LI

Alder Trees - Season Changing HUD
Autumn Snowy
Bare Snowy

Western Sword Ferns - Texture Changing

Included in this pack:
5 Sword Fern Groups
4 Single Sword Fern Plants

Small medium and large fern patches plus 4 single plants
Land Impact
2LI per fern at size supplied

Wildwood Mossy Rocks - Steel Grey

This pack includes 6 different Rocks
Land Impact ranges from 3 to 5

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Verdant Valley - Virtual Un-Reality World

Excited !  Dolly and I just finished and submitted Verdant Valley to the Unity Asset Store.

Verdant Valley is a cartoon, stylized game world or Virtual Un-Reality world Dev Kit. There is so much talk in VR about reproducing the real world, real people, real plants, real places. Personally I see no point in that. If I want to see reality I open my eyes and use my organic, in-built, default, occular, head mounted display system.

What excites me about game worlds and virtual reality is seeing things that have never been seen, going to places that have never existed. Seeing people's imagination come to life.

Virtual reality should be about magic and fantasy not merely about reproducing the real world.

Recently I have been quite obsessed with Unity and it's Asset Store. It's an astonishing ecosystem of developer tools, editor extensions, particle systems, visual scripting tools, weather systems, animations systems, water tools, spline tools, templates and frameworks and 3D assets of all kinds ..... Did I say visual scripting tools ? Yes I did ! because they are amazing and they open up game development to artists and creatives instead of just coders. There is an almost unbelievable array of tools and assets that can make game development and virtual world development a reality, easier, faster and more enjoyable for indie devs and AAA teams. I am going to blog more about the Unity Asset store and it's open API because it's just so awesome and it makes it possible for third party developers to nourish the content ecosystem in a special way, a way that produces serendipity and let's remember that we all need more serendipity, it's important stuff.

On a separate note I am fretting about Linden Lab's Project Sansar because in the last Lab Chat, when questioned about an open API and visual scripting tools, Ebbe said it was unlikey to be in the first release and sounded like it was NOT on the to do list. Where is the Project Sansar To Do List / Road Map ?

It's interesting to note that Amazon's Lumberyard team have already released their initial ideas for their road map only a week after the Beta release of Lumberyard, mainly based on user feedback.

It would be great if Linden Lab released their road map for Sansar.

More blogging coming soon about the wonderful Unity Asset Store ecosystem and comments on Amazon Lumberyard NOT yet having an asset store on their road map. Why, oh why Amazon ?

No Lumberyard Asset Store = No future for Lumberyard
No API in project Sansar = No fully developed content ecosystem

That's my immediate blogging road map !

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Wild Apple Saplings - Season Changing

This pack includes 4 different designs

Land Impact
Sapling 1 - 3 LI
Sapling 2 - 3 LI
Sapling 3 - 3 LI
Sapling 4 - 4 LI

Season Changing HUD
4 Seasons
Spring blossoms
summer Leafy
Autumn Gold
Winter Snowy

Wooden Post - non snowy and snowy

Green Red and Yellow
Summer and Autumn leaf options for all apples
Transparent option for apples

Wild Holly Trees and Bushes - Season Changing

This pack includes 12 single trees
3 Mature Trees
3 Bushes
3 Ball Shaped Trees
3 Teardrop Shaped Trees

Land Impact at size supplied in pack
Mature 1 - 3LI
Mature 2 - 4LI
Mature 3 - 7LI
Bush 1 - 2LI
Bush 2 - 2LI
Bush 3 - 5LI
Ball 1 - 2LI
Ball 2 - 3LI
Ball 3 - 3LI
Teardrop 1 - 2LI
Teardrop 2 - 15LI
Teardrop 3 - 16LI
Land impact will increase if the trees are sized bigger

Season Changing HUD
2 Options - Green Summer and  Green Snowy